le printemps à Castillon

Spring has arrived!

The trees are in full bloom, the birds are singing!

In this confusingly anxious time we have retreated to our own territory

We enjoy the space, the untouched nature, the lake and the deafening silence.

Thanks to our own supermarket, we never have to leave and we prepare your holiday!

Castillon de Provence

shows you how strong the inhabitants of the Provence are:


Département Alpes de Haute Provence


January: 0 cases of contamination

February: 0 cases of contamination

March: 0 cases of contamination

Not a single case of Covid-19 in Castellane until now.

Castellane, a small Provencal village that still bravely resists the occupiers (free to Asterix and Obelix)

The province of “Alpes de Haute Provence” is the largest province in South-East France (7,000 km²) and also not populated at all.

With 22 inhabitants per km², it remains one of the least populated provinces of France and also one of the sunniest.

Our terrain

150 pitches spread over 50 ha (on average, campsites have 50 pitches per hectare)!

It is clear: A lot of space around you!

New this season:

Delivery service (groceries but also complete meals from the restaurant) to your pitch or your cottage.
We have entered into a partnership with “health-center Makkum ”. We can contact one of the English-speaking dokters every day via Skype at the reception.


With us you have all the space! Come and enjoy in complete freedom!